Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who Am I?

I don't know what kind of greeting should I use. I'm not good at introducing myself. It's either I introduce too much or just my name, there's nothing in between. But whatever, this blog isn't about me anyway. It's about books and how much I love them. But I'm gonna introduce myself first.

You can call me by the name of JC. I'm a girl by the way. Let's not talk about age, it's off-limits. I'm a college student though so I'm still young. Oh, you want me to take a selfie? Here

Here's another one, but it's not a selfie. A mirror selfie! Hah! :)

Okay, last one! ^_^

Yup! As you can see, I'm too camera shy. :P

I've loved book ever since I'm a kid! I began reading when I was just 10-years old and up until now, I still love reading. And I don't like books with pictures inside. I didn't really appreciate children books that much because of the pictures. Instead, I read the stories from the books I used in school. They have pictures but not every page. I still couldn't buy my own books at that time so I've learned to settle on what I can manage.

With patience, these books are just a little part of my small shelf now. Like I said, I've learned to settle on what I can manage.

The first books I've read were all pocketbooks and written by local authors. My parents was a bit cautious because local pocketbooks here have scenes that are not suitable for young ages but I read anyway. The first novel book that I've read is the Hanna Montana The Movie book. And that's where I started reading foreign novel books.

I was in high school when I found my fandom. Can you guess?

That's right! The Percy Jackson Fandom!!

I'm embracing my demigod side! And I've loved Uncle Rick's works! I even bought his new series!

My love for books will never fade, that I'm sure of. Books for me are my escape from reality and my distraction from worrying and being stress. Also, books for me is the main source of knowledge. Whether it's a novel book or educational book, they can all be a source of knowledge.

I created this blog because of books (obviously). This is not my first blog -I also have a blog on Wordpress but that blog is not just about books, it's also about me and my adventures (You could check it out in this link TheBooknerdWeb) If you'll visit that site, you'll know what JC means.

I guess that's just all about me and my love for books. See? I told you, it's either I introduce too much or not all. I guess you could count this as too much. Anyway, this is me, owner of The Booknerd Corner. ^_^

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