Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: The Marchioness

The Marchioness The Marchioness by Kait Jagger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Short review!

This book is so awesome!

I like how the story talked about real things and situations. The story doesn't just revolve around the couple but other things too. I seriously love this series! I love every single one of it but this book gave me the biggest impact.

I was right about Luna being a badass in her own way. She kicked ass in this book, not literally but figuratively. And I like how she's cold sometimes when needed. She is a very great heroine.

I have a longer review of this trilogy in my blog. You can check it here.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Review: Waiting for Regina

Waiting for Regina Waiting for Regina by Curtis W. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, I want to thank Mr. Curtis Smith in providing me a copy of his book for my honest review. I really appreciate it. :D

Before anything else, since this is the first time that I’m reviewing a book with this kind of topic, I’m gonna set a disclaimer. Whatever I say in this review is purely just thoughts in my head and basically just my review. There are no biased words here or whatsoever. If ever I offended you in any way, I apologize in advance. Kindly don’t send any hate my way because of this review. Also, I’m not forcing you to like it or read it. If you feel like not doing it, then don’t.

Now that’s all settled… let’s get started!

Waiting for Regina is a very new kind of book for me. If you bessies don’t know what this book is about, well, it’s about a girl who suffered a loss of a friend, discrimination from a lot of people in their town, while doing all her best to be the best she can be. And I know it's entitled Waiting for Regina but Regina is not the main character in this book. I kind of get why it's entitled like this but it would spoil stuff (I think?) for those who haven't read it yet so I'm just gonna make it clear that Regina is not the main character but Mispha.

Bessies, I totally love the story of this book. I love how the situations in it are really, really close to reality. You see the main character, Mispha, is a Haitian-Jamaican girl. And in the timeline of the book, it was still set on the years where race is a big deal because the slavery is still a bit fresh in the minds of the people. That is why Mispha got discriminated a lot, because of her color.

I like how this book talked about race, religion, friendship, study, and family. I like how it portrayed situations that some are still existing up to now. I get that there were a lot who have read this book and got offended by it because the racial discrimination here is a bit harsh, the religion too, and also the hypocrisy of some characters that I admit I see to some people and to myself as well. Nonetheless, I like it because it was that close to reality.

Still, I’m not American and I have no idea about the slavery that happened so many years ago but I’m also not blind. I know that whatever discrimination portrayed here in the book about race is much less than what really happened in the real world.

And my opinion towards race and that kind of stuff is just that, opinion. The religion part here, that I have a comment to it. We are all human beings and human beings tend to commit sins. And religious people are no excuse to it. I’ve seen some people who are pretty religious betray other people for money, influence, and/or power. And this book portrayed that part of the real world really well.

I love how brave Mr. Jackson is to write a book with a content like this. It’s nice to read this kind of book from time to time. It reminds you that the world, no matter how colorful and happily noisy it is, is still a cruel world.

And like I said earlier, there were people who got offended by this book so a second version was created. But I don't think I still want or need to read the second version. I like this book already because of it's natural honesty and everything else. I don't think I need another book to read that soften the blow on some points from the older version. I like it this way.

To wrap this up, I really loved reading this book. Like serious loved it. I understand that there are really those people who will get offended and won’t like this book because of its contents but for me, I love it. It’s one heck of an honest book. So if you bessies are the kind of readers who got triggered or offended by racial and academic discrimination, a bit of sexual abuse, no it’s not a detailed abused, then stay away from this book. But if you want to appreciate some really honest (maybe not 100% but it’s honest in a sense that it’s close to reality) book, then give this one a go.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: Dangerous Rock

Dangerous Rock Dangerous Rock by Crystal Kaswell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dangerous Rock is about Bella and Joel who got married overnight in Vegas. Talk about whirlwind romance! Bella is a first year law student and Joel is part of the Dangerous Noise wherein he’s the drummer. They met in a bar in Vegas, both have different reasons to be there but both wanted the same thing. And somehow, at the end of the night, they ended up being married to each other.

Now you bessies must know that I love drummers. I freaking love drummers. Whenever I see boy bands, I always check their drummers first before anyone else. So I was grinning when I find out that Joel is a drummer. Plus he’s got tattoos! Haha! However, for some reason, I didn’t fall head over heels for him the way Bella did. Sure he’s a drummer but I didn’t find him charming or swoon worthy. I practically didn’t swoon over him all throughout the book. He seems plain and regular to me. How do I describe him without being so blunt? Lol. He mostly think with his cock. Yeah. Most of the time. Well, they both are.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy

Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy by Kait Jagger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s talk about the characters of this trilogy. And let’s go first to our heroine.

Her name is Luna Greggory and she is an amazing P.A of the Marchioness at Arborage. Can I just say that Luna is badass in her own ways? Seriously she is. She’s sometimes called Ice Princess because she can look at you with cold eyes that could freeze even the boiling water! Okay that one sounds exaggerated but sometimes she really is cold. And I like her because she is strong and independent and doesn’t always submit to a man. Sometimes she dominates too. And she’s a natural when it comes to P.A jobs and she’s very professional too.

I can say that in all the erotica books I’ve read, Luna is the strongest woman I know who doesn’t submit immediately to the man and she also wants to take control from time to time.

And now let’s go to the hero.

His name is Stefan Lundgren. Okay. First impression of Stefan is he’s every bit a guy in most of the erotica books I’ve read in the physical department. And maybe a little bit in the personality but just a little bit. Stefan is a gorgeous man, I can say that. But he didn’t came out as an all-out dominant man in this book. I mean, I feel like Stefan is different from other erotic guys I know. He doesn’t have the alpha male issue, like you know, the need to always be the leader of the relationship. And I like him for it. It made him a realistic character that he knows that Luna is his girlfriend and not just his bed-mate or lover. And that he respects her. And I also love him because one of his weakness are baby lambs! It’s so adorable! I don’t know why I find Stefan Lundgren adorable with all his muscles and sex appeals but he is adorable to me especially when he sees baby lambs!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: The Animal Under The Fur

The Animal Under The Fur The Animal Under The Fur by E.J. Mellow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so honored and happy to have received an ARC of this book! So I thank Ms. Mellow for giving me a copy of her book for an honest review.

If you guys don’t know what this book is about, it’s an action-romance book! It’s about a woman with the name 3 and a guy named Carter Smith. 3 is a very unique human being and not just the usual unique but she’s unique because it’s in her genes. They are both the star operatives in their respective organization and they both hated each other to the core. When an assignment came that they need to pair up together, well, let’s just say it didn’t have a very good outcome. :D

Bessies, you have no idea that one of my favorite genre is action-romance. (Really Jannin?) Well, anything that has romance in it is my favorite genre but throw some action in and that book is golden! Seriously! It’s one of the factors that had me signing up for the advance copies of this book. :P

I love the characters of Carter and 3, or Nashville if she’s not the operative but just a normal human being. They are both stubborn and they hate losing so much that they ended up being at each other’s throats most of the time. But in terms of being badass, my vote is on 3. Not because she’s a girl and it’s a default choice for me but because she really is badass. Go ask Carter he’ll agree with me! (Hardly. xP)

The book has three point of views, Carter, 3, and Nashville. Though in all honesty, I can’t point the difference from 3 and Nashville. Aside that when it’s Nashville’s point of view, her friend Ceci is always present. And when she’s 3, she’s just like Nashville but maybe colder? I don’t know how to say this without spoilers, hey!

The story of the book is pretty cool. Guns, combats, undercovers, and all these kinds of stuff are pretty cool for me. I seriously love reading action books! :D The plot twist though. The twist is one hell of a twist! And I somehow felt it coming, I really do, but the romance part of the book became somewhat a very good distraction on the mystery lurking right around the corner. So I wasn’t that surprised when I reach the plot twist. Haha! It made me happy though that I saw it first. 

And the part where 3 was faced with a very difficult decision, I understand why she decided the way she did. Like I agree with Carter with his comment about it. (I can just see carter smirking at me right now.) Everything has its limits. Even the coldest heart thaw somehow. (Hi Elsa and Ana! :D)

Oh and 3 reminded me of a tsundere character in an anime. For those people who don’t know what a tsundere is (those people who don’t watch anime, hey) they are the kinds of characters who have cold hearts and are hostile in the beginning but then they gradually warms up along the way. Yeah. 3 is pretty much like a tsundere. Because there are those tsundere characters in an anime that they are cold and hostile to other characters aside from one character they are already closed with from the beginning. And 3 has a very close friend that she considers a family and her name is Ceci.

So to wrap this up, this is a freaking good book for all action-romance lover out there! I recommend you, bessies, should read this. It’s badass and cool and just awesome! :D

That’s it for this review! The book will be out this coming March 30th 2017! So make sure to check this out! :D

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