Monday, June 18, 2018

Review: The Diabolic

The Diabolic The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First thoughts, this book has great storyline. It’s the kind of book that is set in the space but doesn’t feel like it was set in space. Haha! It was great. I was having good time reading it. Until I realize that this got politics in it.

Bes, I’m not someone who hates politics being a subject inside a book. But I’m the kind who avoids it as much as I can because I do not like talking about politics. Like, I just want me some good, cozy and maybe an action-packed book with romance, lots of romance if possible. I want to enjoy my reads but I feel like if there’s politics in there, I can’t enjoy it because I’m not the type who understands deeper politics. I’m not ignorant to it either, I understand enough.

When I realized that this book is 80% politics and only got 10% bad-assery, 10% romance I was considering being biased and not love it. However, that would be unfair. So I didn’t change any feelings I have towards this book. I kept reading and I’m glad I did.

The characters are great. They have great personalities and I’m blown by how cunning and clever they are.

Let’s talk about Nemesis, the main character of this book.

She’s great, bad-ass, and an amazing diabolic. She’s a good friend too and very devoted kinds as are diabolics are supposed to be. And I like that she’s suspicious to every single person she met when she arrived in Chrysanthemum, where the Emperor resides. It’s good that she’s got trust issues. I have trust issues myself with the villainy types of characters in this book. I feel like anyone can be her enemy and she might not find an ally or two. It’s good that I’m not that worried about her safety while she’s in Chrysanthemum because she’s already doing things that prevent her to be betrayed by other characters. She’s smart and clever too. I like that about her. One thing that I don’t like though is that she’s aggressive and really impulsive. She thinks things through a bit late and she’s easily deceived because of her trust issues. I hate her reaction around the last scheme she’s experienced in the book. But I’m glad she’s got to her senses and recovered and didn’t do anything rash and even went as to take a risk again despite what happened to her.

Now let’s talk about Tyrus Domitrian.
Can I just say that when his character first appeared, I felt something towards him? It’s a weird feeling but out of all the people living in the Chrysanthemum, he’s the only one I actually kind of trusted. I mean, I think I saw through him. I saw, or rather felt in my gut, for who he really is. And I trusted his character immediately. And I never doubted him. I just hope I wasn’t wrong.

I didn’t quite like Sidonia Impyrean’s character.
Is it so mean that I was glad about what happened to her? I don’t know, I guess that’s mean. But I can’t help it. I was glad of what happened to her. :P Sorry not sorry.

The story doesn’t have that very huge, mind blowing plot twist. (Oops!) However! The story reflected a lot about what’s happening in our society technology-wise. There’s this line that Cygna, Tryus’ grandmother, said that why do we still need to learn things when we can just let the computers do it for us. And that right there is a very big slap about the reality of our society about technologies.

The people in this story became so dependent on machines and automation stuff that they actually banned studying math and science. And if people in real aren’t becoming that kind of people, bes, I might be living in another planet. I admit myself that I became dependent on technologies too. And reading this book, realizing just that thought that we rely too much on techs, made me want to commend this book! This is indeed great!

The characters in this book are cunning, clever, and very smart. It was somehow the battle of the most cunning and clever. Everyone is planning a scheme towards each other to overthrow this and that. It was such a fun time reading it.

The narration is told in a first person POV, Nemesis’. And I’ve always say this, first person POV makes me read the book even faster than third person POV. However, I couldn’t understand why it felt like it took me longer to actually finish this book. I feel like whenever I read this, I’m flying through the pages and reading pretty fast. But I have very small progress every time I read. Like how is that even possible? XD I guess I just can’t ride Nemesis’ way of narration sometimes. Plus whenever I get to the parts where she’d just explain the political stuff in the book, I’d just float. I mean, my mind floats and doesn’t really absorb properly the words I’m reading. Haha! I don’t know. That always happens to me whenever I read political stuff in a book.

The ending didn’t left me wanting to read the second book. The teaser to the second book is the one that made me want to read the second book. I don’t know how to place the ending of this book. It wasn’t really a cliffhanger but it still felt like a cliffhanger. Lol! Still, I can’t wait to read the second book. I’ve heard that it’s not as good as the first one but I guess I’ll just have to wait and find it out myself.

To wrap this up, this book is really good. It didn’t blow my mind in a usual way but it blew my mind at how it was so blunt about the reality of the world. If you’re the type of reader who loves politics, a lot of scheming, and a bit of romance while all those are happening in space then this read is very perfect for you. I totally recommend this, bessies! Read this!

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review: Sea of Strangers

Sea of Strangers Sea of Strangers by Erica Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got the chance to host a book tour of the second book, Sea of Strangers, and I’m excited! I liked the first book and I love this second book!

The second book started with Khya and her squad sailing through the storm on their way to Ryogo.
As I’m reading the book, I try to remember all the things that were important in the book. It was a while since I read the first book and I kind of forgot some of the things in there. But I didn’t forget the story and the main characters. And some of the things I forgot were the terms in the book. I was seriously lost but it’s a good thing that there’s a glossary or dictionary with definitions of the terms used.

I was weary the whole time I was reading the book. I kept doubting every new character the squad meet. I don’t trust them that easily. Why? Because of the phrase in the cover of the book!

Who wouldn’t be very careful who to trust if you have that in the cover? Like legit!

For me, the story in this book is better than the first. I love this world and this story better. It got better. I think because in this book, Khya is challenging her power’s limit. And, bes, she is very powerful. I can feel that she’s really the main character. There is no doubt. I mean, there are books I’ve read that the main character seemed like not the main character. And even though Khya is not as powerful as Feyre or as badass as Aelin, she is still badass and powerful to me. She’s a fykina, a mage that has the ability to protect herself and others from magic and the world. But every time Khya uses her fykina magic, she’s amazing! And she’s getting more powerful! I can’t wait to see her use her full power!

And what I like about Khya too is her relationship with Tessen, her boyfriend. He is also amazing. He’s a powerful mage as well.
Like I said in my first review about this series, I like that Khya is the one in control in their relationship. I’m not saying this to promote feminism or whatever. I’m saying this because it’s nice to read something different for a change. It’s mainstream that in a relationship, the one in control are mostly men. And I kind of like Erica’s concept that between Khya and Tessen, Khya is the one who controls. She’s even the one on top during their busy time. (If you know what I mean. Haha!) So yeah. I like that.

One more thing that is different and amazing about this book is the accommodation of the third sex. They even have a term for it in Itagami, ebet. I feel like in this book they are treated equally in whatever the Itagamins do. And I sometimes wish that there is that level of equality in the real world.
The characters in the book have improved in terms of powers and in character development. And I like them better now.

The ending though, I don’t know what to feel about that. It was kind of a cliffhanger and also not a cliffhanger. While I was reading it, I wasn’t expecting that I was already near the end of the book. Then when I flip to the next page and the big letters that formed the word “EPILOGUE” greeted me, bes, I backtracked and reread and backtracked again. I thought my Kindle was just acting up but no. It was really the end. I feel like my whole energy just got sucked out of me. The last chapter felt like it was building and then the next thing I knew it’s already the Epilogue. Like, wtf?

Still, beshy, I love and hate cliffhangers. I hate cliffhangers because, duh, they ruin the end of the book. But I also love them because cliffhangers mean the book is not over yet. It’s not the end yet.
And because of that cliffhanger that doesn’t really feel like a cliffhanger but it is nonetheless, I can’t wait to read the third book! I’m so excited since that Epilogue gave me hope about the outcome of the whole story. I just hope it’s good.

To wrap this up, the second book of the Ryogan Chronicles is amazing! For me it is better than the first book. And I highly recommend this to you, bessies! You should read it. It’s great and it has it’s own world with different cultures and languages and all that and trust me, it’s really great.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: Chasing Red

Chasing Red Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***First of all, I want to thank Sourcebooks for giving me a copy of the ARC via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.***

This was supposed to be an ARC review. But then I got caught up with school and got busy with training for the sports fest. Thank God that’s all over now. Now, I’m still busy but I got time to spare to read my overdue ARCs and write reviews of them. Meh-heh.

Anyways, let’s start!

First thoughts about this book, this book is awesome!

When I started reading I couldn’t seem to stop! It made me want to smack myself for not reading this awesome book sooner! And by sooner I meant when it was still in Wattpad.

I’ve seen this story in Wattpad a couple times. I’ve even seen it when it was still on-going. But then I kept saying to myself that I will read this as long as it will be completed. And then I forget about it because I only put it in my mental TBR in Wattpad. And I regret not reading it that time! I could’ve gotten the privileged to say that this book is awesome way before it was even discovered and published!

I seriously wanna cry!

But that’s all in the past now. And I am really thankful for the publisher for giving me a chance to read and review it.

First, let’s talk about the characters. Let’s start with the hero, the gorgeous, Caleb Lockhart.

He was described in the book as a man-whore; a man with a drive-thru sex. However, while I was reading the whole story, I didn’t see him that way. Sure it was said that he used to be that before he met his Red but then still, he’s personality is so sensitive to be a man-whore. And yes, Caleb Lockhart is gorgeous. I think my list of book boyfriend just got longer.

I like his character. He’s got a bright and sunny personality. And he made me laugh a lot of times. I would seriously crack up whenever he just says things to Red. And bes, this guy made me feel a lot of kilig moments while reading! I experienced a lot of kilig moments that I would sometimes just shake like a person electrocuted and curse so hard Aelin Galathynius would be proud of me. Haha!

Anyway, I seriously love Caleb. He stake his claim on Red even though she doesn’t want it. It was so sweet and so kilig! (I know. There’s something wrong with me for finding that part really, really cute and feels worthy. But, hey, I’m weird and proud of it.)

Let’s go to our heroine, Veronica Straffort. She’s also known as Red because that’s what Caleb calls her.

Oh this girl is a damsel in distress. She’s not the typical damsel in distress though. Her distress are her monsters of her past. She’d been through a lot and because of it, she put up a wall around her so high that the wall of Castle Black in Game of Thrones or the one in Shingeki no Kyojin would be shy.

And because of that wall, she tend to push Caleb away. And I understand her reason for pushing Caleb away. I understand that she just wanted to protect herself and avoid ending up like her mother. But, bes Veronica, there’s this thing called “too much”. Her pushing Caleb away all the time was too much for me sometimes. Like I said, I understand her but come on. How can she be so blind to all the things Caleb do for her? Only for her? How, bes? How?

Like I said, I understand her reasons but sometimes it getting on my nerve. She needs to loosen up! Eh!

Let’s go to Kara Hawthorne, Veronica’s best friend, now. This will just be small. I just want to have a special mention of her.

This girl seriously has a lot of words of wisdom. And the kinds of words that will get you cracking up in laughter and giggles. This girl made me laugh just as much as Caleb did. Of all the side characters, Kara’s my favorite.

Second, let’s go to the story.

The story is awesome! It has the reality feel to it. It deals with real problems, real emotions, and real decision makings. I would seriously throw a freakin party if this book turns into a movie!

I love how the narration was in the first person point of view and it alternates between Caleb and Veronica. Around the end part of the book, there’s also a point of view of Justin and Beatrice-Rose, both were the villain in the story.

(Note: They make a very good villain because I fucking hate them both. Lol)

Though there’s this one part in the book that got me a bit triggered.

You know that situation where two boys would get into a fight because of the girl? And then the girl would stop them? Yeah, that kind of situation. That happened around the end of the book. Caleb got into a fight with Damon, another side character, because Caleb got territorial towards Veronica. He doesn’t want Damon touching his Red so he went berserk. After the fight, Veronica suddenly went away with Damon.

*cue rant*

Why would the girl always go to the other guy? Why can’t she just go alone? Why? Is it so hard to go away and not seek comfort of another guy? Like seriously! Those two guys were fighting because of the girl but what if the girl left and let them kill each other? Why does every time this kind of situation happens, the girl would leave with the other guy and not with her guy?

I seriously need to write my own story, put this situation down, and then not let the girl chose between the two guys. Just let them kill each other.

*end rant*

Anyways! Wow, I’m sorry for that. I just need to let that out. I seriously don’t like it when I see that kind of situations in a romance book. It is so cliché and predictable and freaking annoying.

The ending of the book was a very nice cliffhanger. Wahaha! Surprise, surprise! It’s a cliffhanger, bessies! Now you know the ending, would you still read it?

I kind of like the ending though. It made me want to read the next one. I can’t wait for it! I’ve sent a request for the ARC of it but I haven’t got a response yet. I just wish I get one. I promise I will read it before its release. Hehe.

To wrap this up, this book is amaze-balls! If you are the kind of reader who wants to read a book that is so close to reality it hurts, this one is perfect for you. I seriously recommend it! As for me, I will surely hunt Isabelle Ronin on Wattpad and add all her books in my library. Haha!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: The Midnight Dance

The Midnight Dance The Midnight Dance by Nikki Katz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hiya bessies!!

How are you all?

Okay. First thought of this book, I forgot the blurb of it. Haha! This time I was sure I read the blurb but for the love of me I could not remember what it said. Still I read the book. And because I forgot what the blurb said, I had no idea what was going on. But when I reread the blurb, I finally got the whole gist.

First let’s talk about the characters of this book.

The main character is Penelope. I don’t know what her last name is because it did not say. Well, all the characters have no last name because they weren’t mentioned in the book. All they have are first names. Anyway, in the blurb, it said that Penelope, or Penny, is a 17-year-old girl. However, as I read the book, Penny doesn’t felt like a 17-year-old character. She seemed younger, like around 15 or 16 years old.
And I don’t know what to feel towards her character. I somewhat felt nothing towards her. Maybe because there weren’t that many emotional descriptions in this book? That’s what I felt while reading. She’s the main character but I am not hooked to her the way I always got hooked on other main characters.

Then let’s go to Cricket, the cute kitchen boy. In Penelope’s description, Cricket is cute and caring and it seems like there’s already a clue that Cricket has his eyes for Penny. However, maybe due to the tampering of Penny’s memories, she couldn’t remember Cricket and she’s oblivious to his feelings towards her. But then I kind of liked Cricket’s character. Compared to Penny, I felt something towards Cricket. I felt happy and I appreciate his patience towards Penny. I kind of adore him but just like Penny, I am not hooked to him as well. But Cricket is a great character.

Let’s go to the one who started everything that happened in the book, Master, the head of the school and the one who controls them all. In Penny’s description of Master again, he is handsome and dashing. But I don’t know why every time I picture him inside my head he is a bit old. I don’t know how old he is exactly in the book because it wasn’t mentioned but because the story started where Master is young and twenty years later the school was built, I just assumed that he is old. I wish it was in the book though so I could picture him right in my head. Hehe.

In Master’s character, though, I felt a lot of emotion towards him. First is I do not like him. I don’t like him because what kind of person control other person. But then because of the flashbacks in the book, I understood why he is the way he is. However, what he’s doing was too much. Too much that it’s not already right. And then by the end of the book, I felt sorry for him. His last words to Penny before Penny left him was that he must make Penny understand. He’s doing it for a reason. But Penny didn’t hear any of it and she left him. I felt sorry for him in that part.

Now, let’s go to the story of the book.

There are chapters that were set on different years and that confuses me. I kept asking the question why does it to jump 20 years back of the present year of the story. What’s the point? Then as I read the book, I realized that the flashbacks were clues as to what was going on, on the present time of the story, which is in the year 1879. The flashbacks helped a lot in understanding the story.

I actually like the story of the book. A mind controlling story but it’s not actually a sci-fi feel. It’s a great story! The mind controlling concept was different on other mind controlling stories I’ve read. And to think that this happened in the year 1879 where even cell phones were not that good is a great work.

I like how there are parts in the story where Penny would hide to avoid getting caught getting information about what’s really going on and then when she thought that she’s in the clear, Master would pop out or say something that says he knew Penny is there. It’s crazy!

The ending though. This book has awesome story, but it has an ending that will not give you a satisfaction. Like seriously! What kind of ending was that? The climax of the story was still lingering in my head when I suddenly flipped to the next page and found that it’s already the last page. Like wtf. I feel like I need more!

And there’s that part where Master kept telling Penny that he must make her understand. Understand what exactly? It wasn’t explained. I would understand the hanging-ish ending of the book if it has a sequel to it. But this is a standalone! Now how am I going to have answers to my questions???

What happened to Master? Is he dead? Did Bianca died with him? Did Primo? Would they live happily ever after? What would happen to the rest of the girls that escaped? What happens to Penny and Cricket?

I still have questions. But because the ending fell short, they won’t be answered.

To wrap this up, the book is good. It has a good story with nice characters and nice concept. It has a bad ending for me though. And it still has typo and grammatical errors. I hope that it was edited thoroughly before it was published. Aside from the ending and the typo errors, this is a great book. If you are the kind of reader who loves characters chasing answers and there’s a risk of getting caught in every turn of the page, then this book is perfect for you. It doesn’t have that heavy romance. So if that’s a plus for you, then go and read it. Again, I would recommend this. You should try reading it bessies.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review: The Han Agent

The Han Agent The Han Agent by Amy Rogers
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Okay. That’s what I gather from reading the synopsis and reading up to 22% of the book before I DNF it. Yes, I DNF this book. Why?

Like I said, the story is about media and dealing with them. I don’t think there’s a big something going on in this book. If there is, well, they did a poor way to show it. While reading this, all I could feel is the problem towards the media. I know this book is medical-thriller and I read some of the reviews of this one on Goodreads I can see a lot of people praising this book.

I admit that those reviews somehow influenced me to continue reading this book because when I reached around the 4th chapter and there’s still nothing interesting going on, I was so close on DNF-ing this. And when I continue my read on this book, I was really hoping that it would catch up eventually. Hoping that an interesting something will happen right around the corner. But no, nada, there’s nothing.

It was slow and I don’t like it. So I stopped reading at 22%.

The book has amazing narration though. It’s the kind of narration that you’ll find yourself hard to stop reading. It’s in third person point of view but still, it was a good kind of narration. I feel like I was actually reading it as fast as I could read a first person point of view book.

It’s such a bummer that I had to DNF this book because I’ve never read a book with this kind of genre before. However, I don’t really want to push myself to finish reading something that I don’t find worth my time. This is my second DNF read this month and I feel so bad about myself. I’m not really the kind of person who DNF a book that easily. I always give a book a lot of chances before I give up on them.

To wrap this up, the only thing I liked about this book is the narration. Lol. But if you bessies are the type of reader who appreciates medical-thriller then go ahead and read this. It just didn’t work for me but I hope that it will work on you. :D

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