Sunday, June 26, 2016

Current Read: How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne

Ola, friends!!

Well, this is gonna be my official first post!!

Okay, so I've been reading the book How Hard Can Love Be? by the amazing Holly Bourne! I'm still on Chapter 25 and it's amazing!

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At first I thought this book is gonna be a slow read for me because I've been kind of slacking from reading a lot. But then when I reached around chapter 5 or so, I couldn't stop reading! I was so distracted by the fact that the book has feminism in it. It's not that I hate feminism, I mean I'm a girl, but I just sometimes find it unfair to men too. Feminism is unfair? Well, for me it is -kinda.

Please don't hate me, I can explain.

Feminism is the voice for the rights of the women, right? But what about men? Don't they have a voice too? What? Just because they have bigger muscles and they can surely protect themselves doesn't mean they don't get to have a voice too? Have you ever thought that when a man beat a woman up, it's so big deal. But when a woman beat a man up, they laugh at the man because he's weak. Do you get my point? There's a social experiment on that in Youtube. You can look for it if you like. But then that's just my opinion and I'm not really debating or anything. Again, please don't hate me.

Let's get back to the book.

I kind of hate Amber's mum. And Amber herself. Yeah sure her mom is a bitch but why can't she just confront her and tell her how she truly feels? Is that hard? And she overthinks a lot! Dang!

There are still more to this book that meets the eyes, I know. I'm almost at the end and I can't wait to reach the end and know what happened to Amber and Kyle after that summer. I'll read it more and if I suffer from a book hangover, I'll definitely write a review about this!

Thanks for reading, peeps! Have a nice day!

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