Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review: Sea of Strangers

Sea of Strangers Sea of Strangers by Erica Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got the chance to host a book tour of the second book, Sea of Strangers, and I’m excited! I liked the first book and I love this second book!

The second book started with Khya and her squad sailing through the storm on their way to Ryogo.
As I’m reading the book, I try to remember all the things that were important in the book. It was a while since I read the first book and I kind of forgot some of the things in there. But I didn’t forget the story and the main characters. And some of the things I forgot were the terms in the book. I was seriously lost but it’s a good thing that there’s a glossary or dictionary with definitions of the terms used.

I was weary the whole time I was reading the book. I kept doubting every new character the squad meet. I don’t trust them that easily. Why? Because of the phrase in the cover of the book!

Who wouldn’t be very careful who to trust if you have that in the cover? Like legit!

For me, the story in this book is better than the first. I love this world and this story better. It got better. I think because in this book, Khya is challenging her power’s limit. And, bes, she is very powerful. I can feel that she’s really the main character. There is no doubt. I mean, there are books I’ve read that the main character seemed like not the main character. And even though Khya is not as powerful as Feyre or as badass as Aelin, she is still badass and powerful to me. She’s a fykina, a mage that has the ability to protect herself and others from magic and the world. But every time Khya uses her fykina magic, she’s amazing! And she’s getting more powerful! I can’t wait to see her use her full power!

And what I like about Khya too is her relationship with Tessen, her boyfriend. He is also amazing. He’s a powerful mage as well.
Like I said in my first review about this series, I like that Khya is the one in control in their relationship. I’m not saying this to promote feminism or whatever. I’m saying this because it’s nice to read something different for a change. It’s mainstream that in a relationship, the one in control are mostly men. And I kind of like Erica’s concept that between Khya and Tessen, Khya is the one who controls. She’s even the one on top during their busy time. (If you know what I mean. Haha!) So yeah. I like that.

One more thing that is different and amazing about this book is the accommodation of the third sex. They even have a term for it in Itagami, ebet. I feel like in this book they are treated equally in whatever the Itagamins do. And I sometimes wish that there is that level of equality in the real world.
The characters in the book have improved in terms of powers and in character development. And I like them better now.

The ending though, I don’t know what to feel about that. It was kind of a cliffhanger and also not a cliffhanger. While I was reading it, I wasn’t expecting that I was already near the end of the book. Then when I flip to the next page and the big letters that formed the word “EPILOGUE” greeted me, bes, I backtracked and reread and backtracked again. I thought my Kindle was just acting up but no. It was really the end. I feel like my whole energy just got sucked out of me. The last chapter felt like it was building and then the next thing I knew it’s already the Epilogue. Like, wtf?

Still, beshy, I love and hate cliffhangers. I hate cliffhangers because, duh, they ruin the end of the book. But I also love them because cliffhangers mean the book is not over yet. It’s not the end yet.
And because of that cliffhanger that doesn’t really feel like a cliffhanger but it is nonetheless, I can’t wait to read the third book! I’m so excited since that Epilogue gave me hope about the outcome of the whole story. I just hope it’s good.

To wrap this up, the second book of the Ryogan Chronicles is amazing! For me it is better than the first book. And I highly recommend this to you, bessies! You should read it. It’s great and it has it’s own world with different cultures and languages and all that and trust me, it’s really great.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: Chasing Red

Chasing Red Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***First of all, I want to thank Sourcebooks for giving me a copy of the ARC via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.***

This was supposed to be an ARC review. But then I got caught up with school and got busy with training for the sports fest. Thank God that’s all over now. Now, I’m still busy but I got time to spare to read my overdue ARCs and write reviews of them. Meh-heh.

Anyways, let’s start!

First thoughts about this book, this book is awesome!

When I started reading I couldn’t seem to stop! It made me want to smack myself for not reading this awesome book sooner! And by sooner I meant when it was still in Wattpad.

I’ve seen this story in Wattpad a couple times. I’ve even seen it when it was still on-going. But then I kept saying to myself that I will read this as long as it will be completed. And then I forget about it because I only put it in my mental TBR in Wattpad. And I regret not reading it that time! I could’ve gotten the privileged to say that this book is awesome way before it was even discovered and published!

I seriously wanna cry!

But that’s all in the past now. And I am really thankful for the publisher for giving me a chance to read and review it.

First, let’s talk about the characters. Let’s start with the hero, the gorgeous, Caleb Lockhart.

He was described in the book as a man-whore; a man with a drive-thru sex. However, while I was reading the whole story, I didn’t see him that way. Sure it was said that he used to be that before he met his Red but then still, he’s personality is so sensitive to be a man-whore. And yes, Caleb Lockhart is gorgeous. I think my list of book boyfriend just got longer.

I like his character. He’s got a bright and sunny personality. And he made me laugh a lot of times. I would seriously crack up whenever he just says things to Red. And bes, this guy made me feel a lot of kilig moments while reading! I experienced a lot of kilig moments that I would sometimes just shake like a person electrocuted and curse so hard Aelin Galathynius would be proud of me. Haha!

Anyway, I seriously love Caleb. He stake his claim on Red even though she doesn’t want it. It was so sweet and so kilig! (I know. There’s something wrong with me for finding that part really, really cute and feels worthy. But, hey, I’m weird and proud of it.)

Let’s go to our heroine, Veronica Straffort. She’s also known as Red because that’s what Caleb calls her.

Oh this girl is a damsel in distress. She’s not the typical damsel in distress though. Her distress are her monsters of her past. She’d been through a lot and because of it, she put up a wall around her so high that the wall of Castle Black in Game of Thrones or the one in Shingeki no Kyojin would be shy.

And because of that wall, she tend to push Caleb away. And I understand her reason for pushing Caleb away. I understand that she just wanted to protect herself and avoid ending up like her mother. But, bes Veronica, there’s this thing called “too much”. Her pushing Caleb away all the time was too much for me sometimes. Like I said, I understand her but come on. How can she be so blind to all the things Caleb do for her? Only for her? How, bes? How?

Like I said, I understand her reasons but sometimes it getting on my nerve. She needs to loosen up! Eh!

Let’s go to Kara Hawthorne, Veronica’s best friend, now. This will just be small. I just want to have a special mention of her.

This girl seriously has a lot of words of wisdom. And the kinds of words that will get you cracking up in laughter and giggles. This girl made me laugh just as much as Caleb did. Of all the side characters, Kara’s my favorite.

Second, let’s go to the story.

The story is awesome! It has the reality feel to it. It deals with real problems, real emotions, and real decision makings. I would seriously throw a freakin party if this book turns into a movie!

I love how the narration was in the first person point of view and it alternates between Caleb and Veronica. Around the end part of the book, there’s also a point of view of Justin and Beatrice-Rose, both were the villain in the story.

(Note: They make a very good villain because I fucking hate them both. Lol)

Though there’s this one part in the book that got me a bit triggered.

You know that situation where two boys would get into a fight because of the girl? And then the girl would stop them? Yeah, that kind of situation. That happened around the end of the book. Caleb got into a fight with Damon, another side character, because Caleb got territorial towards Veronica. He doesn’t want Damon touching his Red so he went berserk. After the fight, Veronica suddenly went away with Damon.

*cue rant*

Why would the girl always go to the other guy? Why can’t she just go alone? Why? Is it so hard to go away and not seek comfort of another guy? Like seriously! Those two guys were fighting because of the girl but what if the girl left and let them kill each other? Why does every time this kind of situation happens, the girl would leave with the other guy and not with her guy?

I seriously need to write my own story, put this situation down, and then not let the girl chose between the two guys. Just let them kill each other.

*end rant*

Anyways! Wow, I’m sorry for that. I just need to let that out. I seriously don’t like it when I see that kind of situations in a romance book. It is so cliché and predictable and freaking annoying.

The ending of the book was a very nice cliffhanger. Wahaha! Surprise, surprise! It’s a cliffhanger, bessies! Now you know the ending, would you still read it?

I kind of like the ending though. It made me want to read the next one. I can’t wait for it! I’ve sent a request for the ARC of it but I haven’t got a response yet. I just wish I get one. I promise I will read it before its release. Hehe.

To wrap this up, this book is amaze-balls! If you are the kind of reader who wants to read a book that is so close to reality it hurts, this one is perfect for you. I seriously recommend it! As for me, I will surely hunt Isabelle Ronin on Wattpad and add all her books in my library. Haha!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: The Midnight Dance

The Midnight Dance The Midnight Dance by Nikki Katz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hiya bessies!!

How are you all?

Okay. First thought of this book, I forgot the blurb of it. Haha! This time I was sure I read the blurb but for the love of me I could not remember what it said. Still I read the book. And because I forgot what the blurb said, I had no idea what was going on. But when I reread the blurb, I finally got the whole gist.

First let’s talk about the characters of this book.

The main character is Penelope. I don’t know what her last name is because it did not say. Well, all the characters have no last name because they weren’t mentioned in the book. All they have are first names. Anyway, in the blurb, it said that Penelope, or Penny, is a 17-year-old girl. However, as I read the book, Penny doesn’t felt like a 17-year-old character. She seemed younger, like around 15 or 16 years old.
And I don’t know what to feel towards her character. I somewhat felt nothing towards her. Maybe because there weren’t that many emotional descriptions in this book? That’s what I felt while reading. She’s the main character but I am not hooked to her the way I always got hooked on other main characters.

Then let’s go to Cricket, the cute kitchen boy. In Penelope’s description, Cricket is cute and caring and it seems like there’s already a clue that Cricket has his eyes for Penny. However, maybe due to the tampering of Penny’s memories, she couldn’t remember Cricket and she’s oblivious to his feelings towards her. But then I kind of liked Cricket’s character. Compared to Penny, I felt something towards Cricket. I felt happy and I appreciate his patience towards Penny. I kind of adore him but just like Penny, I am not hooked to him as well. But Cricket is a great character.

Let’s go to the one who started everything that happened in the book, Master, the head of the school and the one who controls them all. In Penny’s description of Master again, he is handsome and dashing. But I don’t know why every time I picture him inside my head he is a bit old. I don’t know how old he is exactly in the book because it wasn’t mentioned but because the story started where Master is young and twenty years later the school was built, I just assumed that he is old. I wish it was in the book though so I could picture him right in my head. Hehe.

In Master’s character, though, I felt a lot of emotion towards him. First is I do not like him. I don’t like him because what kind of person control other person. But then because of the flashbacks in the book, I understood why he is the way he is. However, what he’s doing was too much. Too much that it’s not already right. And then by the end of the book, I felt sorry for him. His last words to Penny before Penny left him was that he must make Penny understand. He’s doing it for a reason. But Penny didn’t hear any of it and she left him. I felt sorry for him in that part.

Now, let’s go to the story of the book.

There are chapters that were set on different years and that confuses me. I kept asking the question why does it to jump 20 years back of the present year of the story. What’s the point? Then as I read the book, I realized that the flashbacks were clues as to what was going on, on the present time of the story, which is in the year 1879. The flashbacks helped a lot in understanding the story.

I actually like the story of the book. A mind controlling story but it’s not actually a sci-fi feel. It’s a great story! The mind controlling concept was different on other mind controlling stories I’ve read. And to think that this happened in the year 1879 where even cell phones were not that good is a great work.

I like how there are parts in the story where Penny would hide to avoid getting caught getting information about what’s really going on and then when she thought that she’s in the clear, Master would pop out or say something that says he knew Penny is there. It’s crazy!

The ending though. This book has awesome story, but it has an ending that will not give you a satisfaction. Like seriously! What kind of ending was that? The climax of the story was still lingering in my head when I suddenly flipped to the next page and found that it’s already the last page. Like wtf. I feel like I need more!

And there’s that part where Master kept telling Penny that he must make her understand. Understand what exactly? It wasn’t explained. I would understand the hanging-ish ending of the book if it has a sequel to it. But this is a standalone! Now how am I going to have answers to my questions???

What happened to Master? Is he dead? Did Bianca died with him? Did Primo? Would they live happily ever after? What would happen to the rest of the girls that escaped? What happens to Penny and Cricket?

I still have questions. But because the ending fell short, they won’t be answered.

To wrap this up, the book is good. It has a good story with nice characters and nice concept. It has a bad ending for me though. And it still has typo and grammatical errors. I hope that it was edited thoroughly before it was published. Aside from the ending and the typo errors, this is a great book. If you are the kind of reader who loves characters chasing answers and there’s a risk of getting caught in every turn of the page, then this book is perfect for you. It doesn’t have that heavy romance. So if that’s a plus for you, then go and read it. Again, I would recommend this. You should try reading it bessies.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review: The Han Agent

The Han Agent The Han Agent by Amy Rogers
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Okay. That’s what I gather from reading the synopsis and reading up to 22% of the book before I DNF it. Yes, I DNF this book. Why?

Like I said, the story is about media and dealing with them. I don’t think there’s a big something going on in this book. If there is, well, they did a poor way to show it. While reading this, all I could feel is the problem towards the media. I know this book is medical-thriller and I read some of the reviews of this one on Goodreads I can see a lot of people praising this book.

I admit that those reviews somehow influenced me to continue reading this book because when I reached around the 4th chapter and there’s still nothing interesting going on, I was so close on DNF-ing this. And when I continue my read on this book, I was really hoping that it would catch up eventually. Hoping that an interesting something will happen right around the corner. But no, nada, there’s nothing.

It was slow and I don’t like it. So I stopped reading at 22%.

The book has amazing narration though. It’s the kind of narration that you’ll find yourself hard to stop reading. It’s in third person point of view but still, it was a good kind of narration. I feel like I was actually reading it as fast as I could read a first person point of view book.

It’s such a bummer that I had to DNF this book because I’ve never read a book with this kind of genre before. However, I don’t really want to push myself to finish reading something that I don’t find worth my time. This is my second DNF read this month and I feel so bad about myself. I’m not really the kind of person who DNF a book that easily. I always give a book a lot of chances before I give up on them.

To wrap this up, the only thing I liked about this book is the narration. Lol. But if you bessies are the type of reader who appreciates medical-thriller then go ahead and read this. It just didn’t work for me but I hope that it will work on you. :D

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: Legacy

Legacy Legacy by Hannah Fielding
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

***First off, I want to thank Ms Hannah Fielding for sending me a copy of her book in exchange of an honest review. This doesn’t influence my review in any way.***

Okay. First thoughts, “Oh hey I like this because there are undercover mission, and then there’s romance. This should be fun.” And then, “Okay, so far so good.” Lastly, “When is the story gonna catch up?” “Still nothing.” “What the hell.” Conclusion, “That’s it. I’m done.”

Truth is I was excited to read this book because it was said that this was fast paced romance and, again, there’s undercover stuff. But as I read this and managed to read up to a hundred pages, there’s nothing going on except two people attracted to each other but not doing anything about it. And then the rest is how it was describe their attraction to each other.

Bes, as every time I read this book I get a headache. I don’t know why. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t seem to continue reading it.
The concept of the story is pretty good. It has some kind of mystery but it’s not like other mystery romance books. The only thing is, some things seem to contradict the other things in the book. Like Luna’s attraction towards Ruy is so strong but then she doesn’t want to have any other relationship towards him. It’s like she’s not ready or something else but then it wasn’t totally explained why. She surely wants to be with him but when an opportunity comes, she won’t take it.

It’s like there’s a chase and then when they finally caught each other, Luna will wake up and then run again and then there’s a chase again. It keeps going and going and I got tired of it. I keep waiting for something to happen, something like, I don’t know, Luna finding something that is actually essential to her real purpose in being in Spain. But no, there’s none.

Also, one thing that I can’t get through in this book is the narration. It’s in third person point of view and it’s mostly on Luna’s. I’m fine with it. The only problem is the paragraphs after paragraphs of describing other things aside their feelings. I mean sure, it’s important to describe the surroundings of the setting of the scene to paint a nice picture inside your head but sometimes it’s too much. And if you haven’t noticed up till now, bessies, I’m not a fan of too much describing books.

Every time I open the book I keep saying to myself that I’ll finish this now. Then when I start reading, my mood is gone and I can’t continue. I can’t keep reading. And then I realized that it’s harder for me to DNF a physical book than an ebook because no matter what I do or say to myself just to make me finish it, I really can’t finish reading it, I DNFed it. I got tired of reading of something that there’s nothing happening except two people obviously attracted to each other but not doing anything about it.

To wrap this up, I hope I can say that it’s a good story. But I didn’t manage to reach the end of it to say that. I don’t also know if I should recommend it or not because for me, I didn’t quite like it. There was nothing happening in it. But if you bessies want to try and read it, then go ahead. You might like it.

That’s it for my review of this book bessies. No rating because I DNF it so I don’t think I have the right to rate something I didn’t finish. :D

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review: Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Always and Forever, Lara Jean Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m gonna be honest, I missed Lara Jean and Peter so much! I was so excited to finally read the last book but then I don’t wanna think about it as the last. I felt like it wasn’t enough when I finished reading the second book so I know there’s gonna be a third book.

At the first two books, I wasn’t sure what to feel towards Peter. Since he’s the school’s popular guy, the Prom King, I become cautious of him. I don’t think that his feelings towards Lara Jean were real because for some reason, I don’t trust Prom Kings that quickly. I’m not saying this because I believe in those stereotypical Prom Kings but, hey, I am just cautious to some specific people. XD

Anyway, like I said, I didn’t trust Peter at first though I won’t deny that he really is a swoon worthy character. He’s got that bad boy aura going on him. And I love bad boys. However, in this book, he proved himself worthy of Lara Jean. I really thought that they are not meant for each other because they are the opposite of each other. I don’t think they have something alike. Lol!

That being said, their relationship is quite amazing. Peter’s love for Lara Jean is so deep it hurts! I’m gonna put a very small excerpt here so you’ll know what I mean.

"Peter puts one arm around my waist, pulls me in, and, looking down at me, he says fiercely, “Neither of us wants to break up. So why would we? Because of some shit my mom said? Because your sister did it that way? You’re not the same as your sister, Lara Jean. We’re not the same as Margot and Sanderson or anybody else. We’re you and me. And yeah, it’s gonna be hard. But Lara Jean, I’ll never feel for another girl what I feel for you.” He says it with all the certainty only a teenage boy can have, and I have never loved him more than at this very moment."

Now you see?

I’m all for Team Peter now! Haha!

I am a bit heartbroken though because this is really the end of Lara Jean and Peter. There will be no more of them even in those novellas. There will be no side stories and other stuff. This is really the very end of Lara Jean and Peter. I’m so sad because I love their story so much I wanna know if they actually end up marrying each other. The ending still makes me want more. But then….

Anyway, that’s it for this mini review. I doubt you’d still consider this mini because it has more or less 700 words. Still, it’s not arranged like my usual full book review so it’s just a mini.

To wrap this up, you bessies need to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series ASAP! It is so cute and fluffy and very amazing. I laughed, cried a bit, and enjoyed all throughout the journey. I’m sure you bessies will too.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: Black Dawn

Black Dawn Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First thoughts as I was reading this were, “Okay. This has an interesting concept. Good, good.” Followed by, “Okay? Wait. What’s going on?”

Yeah. I think those two thoughts pretty much summed up all my thoughts about this book. And I’m not even kidding.

Honestly, this book has an interesting story. It has a very great concept too. It just fell short on the narrating and some other part. Here’s how a summary of the whole book, I’ll try to make this as spoiler free as I can. Though there’s nothing in this book worth spoiling in my opinion.

Emory Fae is the name of the main character. She is a princess, the daughter of Nei and Roque who founded the Academy –a school for those children who got special abilities and powers to harness and develop. Until one day, the son of the closest family of the Faes, Adair Straton, suddenly decided that he wants more power. So he killed Emory’s parents and because of it, Emory got scared so she asked Memphis and Brokk for help. And they did by sending her to another world, Earth, and wipe her memories about her past life. However, after six years of hiding, Memphis and Brokk decided that they now need Emory’s help to win this war. Emory is their main key in defeating Adair and ending this war. So they took her back from Earth and restore her memories only to have her mind in a storm between what she thought were her normal memories and those that are her real ones.

For someone who just got abducted from what she thought was her home and then got her memories restored, Emory sure gave me a weird feeling towards her character. Here’s the thing, I understand that all her life she thought that she was just a normal being living in Earth only to be kidnapped and sent to another world and have the people there say that you are their long lost princess. Kind of cliché, yes, even Emory felt this when she arrived in Keiko. But she’s got some weird feelings and decisions and even actions that didn’t quite add up no matter how fantasy the genre of this book is.

Bes, Emory doesn’t have any memory on how she used her powers but when she’s in training, it feels like she’s handling her powers all too well, like she’s already done it a hundred times before. And she isn’t a killer but her first kill feels like she’s also done it a hundred times before. Her first kill was smooth. There are parts that she doesn’t seem like a first timer at any of the things a soldier does at all.

And bes, they are in the middle of a war but she still has time to adore Memphis. Like, how are you able to even think about attraction when you’re in the middle of a war? It’s not literal but the way the book described it, it feels like they are in a crisis. Not to mention when she found out that Memphis somehow influenced her dreams so she’ll hate Brokk, she just seem to shrug it off. Like dude! One of your best friends just messed up your dreams to make you hate your other best friend and you didn’t even get mad? How? I don’t think having no recollection about them at all is an excuse. If you have no memory of them, when you find out someone did something to mess those memories up you find them and demand explanations! Wtf!

My issued towards Emory isn’t the only issue I have. There’s the narration.

The book has multiple point-of-views all narrated in third person. You bessies know that I have no problems towards third person point of view and even multiple ones. What my problem is the abrupt jump of time and places the story has without the right amount of describing in the narration part. One minute you’re reading and the characters are talking and then the next the character is somewhere else. It so fast and abrupt you won’t notice the change of scenes.

Bes don’t get me wrong, this book has a good story and concept, really. But I still didn’t enjoy it. I think this is one of those rare moments where the story is good but it’s not enough to make me enjoy it.

Hey, if you still want to give this one a try, go ahead please. Don’t let my review influence your interest in this book. I’m just saying what I thought about the book. But if you want to read it, go! I always say this before; don’t let my review affect your want to read the book.

To wrap this up, this book is good. Really it is. It just fell short for me. There are parts that I actually like but there are more parts that I dislike. I would still recommend this book to you bessies. You might have a different look on this than me.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On second thought, since this is part of my pleasure-only read, there will be no review of this book from me. I guess it already received enough review to convince readers to read this one. Still, I'm gonna rate it.

I can't wait to read ACOWAR though. I also noticed that this is gonna be a six book series? Oh my gosh! xD

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: The Tempest

The Tempest The Tempest by Brit Constantine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I read the blurb of this book, I immediately thought that it was interesting. Then I read the genre of the book, it says Comedy. I’ve never read any new adult/romance/comedy book before. And I think this is my first. Sure I read new adult books with humor but not comedy. And I could say that this book didn’t disappoint.

The book is about Felicity and Lenic. Felicity is a lifestyle YouCuber, I think that’s equivalent to the real life’s YouTuber. She uploads vids about makeup and fashion and sometimes she also gives advices. Until one day she got a chance to film Lenic in a bathroom while taking a shower and then dropping a soap and bending down to pick the soap. The video she uploaded went viral so Lenic barged in her room and showed her who the boss is.

I really love the story of this book. Both characters have somewhat dark pasts and both could relate to each other because of it. Though I kind of knew already the twist of the plot. I somehow guessed right about Lenic’s past and so I wasn’t surprised when they finally revealed it because I was expecting it.

I love the comedy parts of the book. It really made me laugh so much. I would literally stop reading and just grin or smile or chuckle or even laugh out loud my friends were confused as to what’s happening to me. It also has a very nice build on the romance. It wasn’t as fast paced as it described. I mean sure I would still consider it fast paced romance because they just met a couple months before they fell in love with each other and though Felicity already knew who Lenic is, because Lenic is kind of a celebrity in bare knuckle boxing, they don’t know each other personally, but it didn’t felt like it was fast paced at all.

I also love the characters. I love both Lenic and Felicity and also their best friends Cross and Delphine respectively. They are all fun characters and easy to love.
Felicity is the type of girl who laughs a lot. She sometimes evades serious situations by throwing hilarious jokes and she’s good at it. She’s got dark pasts too but not as dark as Lenic’s. And because of that, she helped Lenic get out of the hole he dug himself in.

Lenic is the type of guy who burry his emotions and is always serious. He’s got a past that is sure not an easy thing to forget. He is really lucky to have Felicity in his side. And he keeps repeating how Felicity made him happy. Funny that Felicity’s name means ‘happy’ or ‘happiness’. And I like how possessive he is of Felicity but he never control her. He doesn’t tell her to stay away from certain people. He protects her without making her feel choked or constrained. Which is a very big plus to me on the swoon department.

They are a perfect couple. They are each other’s yin and yang. And I wish I can have my own Lenic Reevus. He’s dreamy and really dreamy. Yeah. He’s that dreamy. And, boy, he’s hot. Hot in all aspects. *wink wink*

The book is in first person point of view and it was on Felicity’s point of view. Though there were outtakes and 4 epilogues. Yes, 4. So many I know. One of those epilogue was narrated by Lenic and one of the outtakes were his point of view too. The narration was good and easy to understand. And I kind of had adjusted on the British terms because of the Lord and Master Trilogy that I didn’t had a hard time knowing the meaning of most of them.

To wrap this up, this book is really good. It both have a touch of dark and lightness in it. The characters have both dark pasts but the book isn’t dark so it was great. If you bessies are a fun of rom-com, new adult book, then this one is perfectly made for you.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Review: Rough

Rough Rough by Sybil Bartel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve read this book right after I finished the book Dangerous Rock and if you bessies have read my review about that book you’ll understand why I like this book almost immediately. Though Dangerous Rock have the same genre, they do not have the same feels. I didn’t feel anything in that book as compare to this one. The first encounter of the main characters already made me love them instantly!

I love just how possessive Jared towards Sienna. Like seriously. I like how alpha Jared is but there are times that he becomes alpha way too much. I don’t like it when he yell or roar to Sienna when he’s mad or pissed or something like that. I practically cringe whenever I read those parts. I think he’s the first alpha male I know where I didn’t love him wholly. Like there are really parts that I don’t like him but I still swoon over him. Is that weird?

And yes I swoon over him. 😛

And there’s Sienna. Haha! This girl! I do not know what to feel about her. There are times that I like her character and there are also times that she’s annoying. But those are just rare times. Most of the times I like her. Haha! She’s a good heroine. A very good sunshine and control to Jared’s dark and uncontrollable personality. She is Jared’s kryptonite. 😀

This book is a fast paced romance book. And I could say that though it’s fast paced, I didn’t felt like it was fast. The book’s timeline is more or less a week but it didn’t felt like the story happened in just a week. It has very good narration and it’s in a first person point of view between Jared and Sienna. It was a good one because it’s easy to understand and picture out. It doesn’t have too much describing paragraph and the conversations where easy to catch on whose talking.

And the ending! Man! What kind of ending was that? Like really? That was the ending?

I honestly don’t think I like the ending. It was abrupt and totally unexpected. Like everything felt like it’s still building and then when I turn to the next page it already said ‘Thank you for reading Rough!’. Like wtf? (I seriously have a bad habit of saying words ‘like’ and ‘seriously’ and both. Lol!) I know there is still more to that ending! I know it! It wasn’t a proper ending, for me that is. I still need to know what happened to Jared and Sienna. I need to know.

To wrap this up, this book is awesome bessies. Really. It has a very interesting story and if you love alpha males then this one is perfect for you. I would highly recommend it. But if you don’t like books with so much cursing and alpha males with sex scenes then stay away from this!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: The Marchioness

The Marchioness The Marchioness by Kait Jagger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Short review!

This book is so awesome!

I like how the story talked about real things and situations. The story doesn't just revolve around the couple but other things too. I seriously love this series! I love every single one of it but this book gave me the biggest impact.

I was right about Luna being a badass in her own way. She kicked ass in this book, not literally but figuratively. And I like how she's cold sometimes when needed. She is a very great heroine.

I have a longer review of this trilogy in my blog. You can check it here.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Review: Waiting for Regina

Waiting for Regina Waiting for Regina by Curtis W. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, I want to thank Mr. Curtis Smith in providing me a copy of his book for my honest review. I really appreciate it. :D

Before anything else, since this is the first time that I’m reviewing a book with this kind of topic, I’m gonna set a disclaimer. Whatever I say in this review is purely just thoughts in my head and basically just my review. There are no biased words here or whatsoever. If ever I offended you in any way, I apologize in advance. Kindly don’t send any hate my way because of this review. Also, I’m not forcing you to like it or read it. If you feel like not doing it, then don’t.

Now that’s all settled… let’s get started!

Waiting for Regina is a very new kind of book for me. If you bessies don’t know what this book is about, well, it’s about a girl who suffered a loss of a friend, discrimination from a lot of people in their town, while doing all her best to be the best she can be. And I know it's entitled Waiting for Regina but Regina is not the main character in this book. I kind of get why it's entitled like this but it would spoil stuff (I think?) for those who haven't read it yet so I'm just gonna make it clear that Regina is not the main character but Mispha.

Bessies, I totally love the story of this book. I love how the situations in it are really, really close to reality. You see the main character, Mispha, is a Haitian-Jamaican girl. And in the timeline of the book, it was still set on the years where race is a big deal because the slavery is still a bit fresh in the minds of the people. That is why Mispha got discriminated a lot, because of her color.

I like how this book talked about race, religion, friendship, study, and family. I like how it portrayed situations that some are still existing up to now. I get that there were a lot who have read this book and got offended by it because the racial discrimination here is a bit harsh, the religion too, and also the hypocrisy of some characters that I admit I see to some people and to myself as well. Nonetheless, I like it because it was that close to reality.

Still, I’m not American and I have no idea about the slavery that happened so many years ago but I’m also not blind. I know that whatever discrimination portrayed here in the book about race is much less than what really happened in the real world.

And my opinion towards race and that kind of stuff is just that, opinion. The religion part here, that I have a comment to it. We are all human beings and human beings tend to commit sins. And religious people are no excuse to it. I’ve seen some people who are pretty religious betray other people for money, influence, and/or power. And this book portrayed that part of the real world really well.

I love how brave Mr. Jackson is to write a book with a content like this. It’s nice to read this kind of book from time to time. It reminds you that the world, no matter how colorful and happily noisy it is, is still a cruel world.

And like I said earlier, there were people who got offended by this book so a second version was created. But I don't think I still want or need to read the second version. I like this book already because of it's natural honesty and everything else. I don't think I need another book to read that soften the blow on some points from the older version. I like it this way.

To wrap this up, I really loved reading this book. Like serious loved it. I understand that there are really those people who will get offended and won’t like this book because of its contents but for me, I love it. It’s one heck of an honest book. So if you bessies are the kind of readers who got triggered or offended by racial and academic discrimination, a bit of sexual abuse, no it’s not a detailed abused, then stay away from this book. But if you want to appreciate some really honest (maybe not 100% but it’s honest in a sense that it’s close to reality) book, then give this one a go.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: Dangerous Rock

Dangerous Rock Dangerous Rock by Crystal Kaswell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dangerous Rock is about Bella and Joel who got married overnight in Vegas. Talk about whirlwind romance! Bella is a first year law student and Joel is part of the Dangerous Noise wherein he’s the drummer. They met in a bar in Vegas, both have different reasons to be there but both wanted the same thing. And somehow, at the end of the night, they ended up being married to each other.

Now you bessies must know that I love drummers. I freaking love drummers. Whenever I see boy bands, I always check their drummers first before anyone else. So I was grinning when I find out that Joel is a drummer. Plus he’s got tattoos! Haha! However, for some reason, I didn’t fall head over heels for him the way Bella did. Sure he’s a drummer but I didn’t find him charming or swoon worthy. I practically didn’t swoon over him all throughout the book. He seems plain and regular to me. How do I describe him without being so blunt? Lol. He mostly think with his cock. Yeah. Most of the time. Well, they both are.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy

Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy by Kait Jagger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let’s talk about the characters of this trilogy. And let’s go first to our heroine.

Her name is Luna Greggory and she is an amazing P.A of the Marchioness at Arborage. Can I just say that Luna is badass in her own ways? Seriously she is. She’s sometimes called Ice Princess because she can look at you with cold eyes that could freeze even the boiling water! Okay that one sounds exaggerated but sometimes she really is cold. And I like her because she is strong and independent and doesn’t always submit to a man. Sometimes she dominates too. And she’s a natural when it comes to P.A jobs and she’s very professional too.

I can say that in all the erotica books I’ve read, Luna is the strongest woman I know who doesn’t submit immediately to the man and she also wants to take control from time to time.

And now let’s go to the hero.

His name is Stefan Lundgren. Okay. First impression of Stefan is he’s every bit a guy in most of the erotica books I’ve read in the physical department. And maybe a little bit in the personality but just a little bit. Stefan is a gorgeous man, I can say that. But he didn’t came out as an all-out dominant man in this book. I mean, I feel like Stefan is different from other erotic guys I know. He doesn’t have the alpha male issue, like you know, the need to always be the leader of the relationship. And I like him for it. It made him a realistic character that he knows that Luna is his girlfriend and not just his bed-mate or lover. And that he respects her. And I also love him because one of his weakness are baby lambs! It’s so adorable! I don’t know why I find Stefan Lundgren adorable with all his muscles and sex appeals but he is adorable to me especially when he sees baby lambs!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: The Animal Under The Fur

The Animal Under The Fur The Animal Under The Fur by E.J. Mellow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so honored and happy to have received an ARC of this book! So I thank Ms. Mellow for giving me a copy of her book for an honest review.

If you guys don’t know what this book is about, it’s an action-romance book! It’s about a woman with the name 3 and a guy named Carter Smith. 3 is a very unique human being and not just the usual unique but she’s unique because it’s in her genes. They are both the star operatives in their respective organization and they both hated each other to the core. When an assignment came that they need to pair up together, well, let’s just say it didn’t have a very good outcome. :D

Bessies, you have no idea that one of my favorite genre is action-romance. (Really Jannin?) Well, anything that has romance in it is my favorite genre but throw some action in and that book is golden! Seriously! It’s one of the factors that had me signing up for the advance copies of this book. :P

I love the characters of Carter and 3, or Nashville if she’s not the operative but just a normal human being. They are both stubborn and they hate losing so much that they ended up being at each other’s throats most of the time. But in terms of being badass, my vote is on 3. Not because she’s a girl and it’s a default choice for me but because she really is badass. Go ask Carter he’ll agree with me! (Hardly. xP)

The book has three point of views, Carter, 3, and Nashville. Though in all honesty, I can’t point the difference from 3 and Nashville. Aside that when it’s Nashville’s point of view, her friend Ceci is always present. And when she’s 3, she’s just like Nashville but maybe colder? I don’t know how to say this without spoilers, hey!

The story of the book is pretty cool. Guns, combats, undercovers, and all these kinds of stuff are pretty cool for me. I seriously love reading action books! :D The plot twist though. The twist is one hell of a twist! And I somehow felt it coming, I really do, but the romance part of the book became somewhat a very good distraction on the mystery lurking right around the corner. So I wasn’t that surprised when I reach the plot twist. Haha! It made me happy though that I saw it first. 

And the part where 3 was faced with a very difficult decision, I understand why she decided the way she did. Like I agree with Carter with his comment about it. (I can just see carter smirking at me right now.) Everything has its limits. Even the coldest heart thaw somehow. (Hi Elsa and Ana! :D)

Oh and 3 reminded me of a tsundere character in an anime. For those people who don’t know what a tsundere is (those people who don’t watch anime, hey) they are the kinds of characters who have cold hearts and are hostile in the beginning but then they gradually warms up along the way. Yeah. 3 is pretty much like a tsundere. Because there are those tsundere characters in an anime that they are cold and hostile to other characters aside from one character they are already closed with from the beginning. And 3 has a very close friend that she considers a family and her name is Ceci.

So to wrap this up, this is a freaking good book for all action-romance lover out there! I recommend you, bessies, should read this. It’s badass and cool and just awesome! :D

That’s it for this review! The book will be out this coming March 30th 2017! So make sure to check this out! :D

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: Alex

Alex Alex by Zoya Tessi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is about a girl whose life is in danger and in order to protect her, her father hired a bodyguard for her. That bodyguard’s name is Alex. And both of them can’t stand each other’s company. They’re always fighting and going on each other’s throats. Until a day come that neither of them can’t last a day without the other.

Okay. If you read that one it sounds pretty romantic right? I mean there’s a saying that says “The more you hate, the more you love”. It applies to them big time.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review: What I Need

What I Need What I Need by J. Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hiya peeps!

How are you all?

Been a while since I last posted a review here because of school stuff and some other things. But worry no more! For here I am bringing you a new review of a book from one of my all-time favorite author, J. Daniels!!

Now you see, when her book, What I Need the fourth book of the Alabama Summer Series, came live last Monday (March 5th), I just got to have it and devour it. You guys know how much I love Daniels’s works right? So despite having quizzes this week and midterms next week, I still read her latest release. I planned on binge reading the book but then again quizzes so I just finished it tonight, like two minutes ago.

And now I can’t wait to share my thoughts about this! I know I’m going to have a hangover on this cause I’m already feeling it days before I finished reading it. Haha!

If you guys don’t know about the Alabama Summer Series, it is a series about a group of friends who found love in the most interesting, amazing, and sometimes funny and awkward way. And in this fourth book of the series, it tells the story of CJ Tully and Riley Tennyson.

In all honesty, I didn’t know that CJ was officially part of the Bama Boys because at first I thought he was just a minor character. I seriously didn’t expect him having his own part of the series. But I still waited for his book and read it so bad my phone almost got dead on me.

I gotta say, of all the books in the Alabama Summer Series this book is my second most favorite! Of course, my beloved Reed Tennyson’s When I Fall, the third book, will always be the first. Also one of the factor that made me love What I Need is there are a lot of updates in Reed and Beth’s life because Reed is Riley’s big brother.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Book Tour (Excerpt + Giveaway): Curse of Stars by Donna Compositor

Hiya peeps!

How are you all? Been a while.

Welcome to my tour stop of the Curse of Stars by the amazing Donna Compositor! I am here to give you an excerpt of the story! Read it and check the book out!

Title: Curse of Stars 
Author: Donna Compositor
(Diamond Crier #1)
Publication date: February 19th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Synopsis: Sabi Perez is the last Diamond Crier, only she doesn’t know it. Not until a crazed ruler from another world comes to collect her priceless tears and won’t take no for an answer.

Living in New York, Sabi’s seen some nasty things, but the lengths to which her captor will go to keep his crown are things found only in the darkest nightmares. Afraid and alone, Sabi finds solace in her cellmate, Anya, and Cabal, a fellow Crier who also has powers, a rare combination that buys his favor from the ruler. Only it’s a favor he doesn’t want.

In a fit of rage, power erupts out of Sabi, the same power Cabal has, and a spark of hope ignites. Together they may have a chance at escape, something no other Crier has done. Except a ruler hellbent on draining them of every last diamond tear isn’t their only hurdle. If they escape they’ll be hunted to the ends of the earth, if they survive the trek to safety. If they stay the ruler will leech them dry. Sabi would rather die trying than lie down and die, even if that means running away into even more danger.

“. . . vividly imagined and deftly plotted dark fantasy . . .” BookLife Prize in Fiction

Friday, January 27, 2017

Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Please don't hate me with my rating. I know this book is so popular. A lot of people actually loved this book and it has hardcore fans but please don't hate me. ^_^

I admit that one of the reason why I picked up this book is because of its hype. I mean come on, every single booknerd in the book community loved this book. So I thought maybe it really is that awesome.

I got high expectations on this book. I really do. I thought reading this would bring me in a magical place where whenever I start reading I can't stop then. But I was a bit wrong.

I don't know why this book is super duper over hype. The whole time I was reading it I didn't have any emotions. I mean, it didn't gave me the feels like the other books, didn't gave me the awesome adventure I was expecting. It was just... plain?

Though the story was good, it was kind of cliche -for me that is. I didn't even felt that oozing hotness in the male characters. What the heck is wrong with me? It was just really plain for me. I don't know why that is.

And I don't really like Feyre's character that much. She's way too stubborn for my liking. There are types of stubbornness in a character in a book. There are those stubborn but still cute; stubborn but bearable; but Feyre is the kind of stubborn that is irritatingly annoying. (Are those words combined even allowed in English grammar though?) Yes. Her stubbornness irritates me to the core. I also don't know why.

And Rhysand. Please don't hate me when I say that whenever I read a part with Rhysand in it I feel like he's gay or something. Like seriously. I picture him gay in my head. Though the things that described him were far from gay. And yeah he kissed Feyre but still. He sure does sound gay to me.

Then Tamlin. Man, I don't know how to feel about him. At first I seriously like him but then most of the people I knew who have read this book said that I will hate Tamlin in the future. Like they want me to hate Tamlin or something. He's character is okay to me.

Yo. Don't hate me about this. These are just my opinion, my review. We all have different say about the same things right? But maybe I'm just saying this because I haven't read the second book yet. But I plan on doing so. So maybe whenever I finish that second and third book my thoughts about this series will change, right?

I hope.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

News: I Have Decided

Hiya there peeps!

How are you all doing?

This is just gonna be a short post about a news I want to share with you all whoever is reading this.

I have decided to manage and update one blog from now on. Some of you know I have three active blogs right now, in Wordpress, Wix, and Blogspot. But finally I have decided to not continue the other two and just keep updating the Wordpress blog.

If you must know, I created three blogs from three different sites because I was still starting and exploring the world of book blogging community and I can’t decide which site to stick to. So I decided to keep updating all three until such time that I noticed that only the Wordpress blog has some readers. I mean, maybe there are also readers in those two other blogs but I can’t feel them. No one comments in there so I really don’t know if there is someone who actually visits those blogs.

Just so you know, I don’t have problem updating all three of those blogs. I even update my Goodreads review plus sometimes my Netgalley and my account in My Trending Stories site. I have no problem updating a lot of sites because I love doing those things. I want to be accessible to some of the audience. Like if they have a Wordpress account and want to follow me they can follow my Wordpress blog, or if they have a Blogspot account and want to talk bookish stuff to me about it through blogs they can do it with my Blogspot blog. I want to be accessible so that new friends won’t have a hard time talking to me. But in those months that I stayed active in Wix and Blogspot, I can’t feel any presence there. It’s ghost town for me there.

So I decided to close down my Wix and Blogspot blogs and stick to Wordpress. I am not deleting these two blogs but I am not updating them anymore. Though I still have a tour going on in my Wix blog which will be on February so I will update it to that day only and after that I will repost this blog post so anyone who suddenly got lost and find my Wix blog will know that it’s no longer active.

Also, to those authors who want me to review their books and happen to stumble upon this very blog, you can still send me your request using the contact form in this blog. Just know that I will post my review of your book in my Wordpress blog. I will make sure to let you know if that happens then.

Now, thank you so much to those people who visit these blogs and read the contents of it. I appreciate it so much. If you want to keep tracking my blogging activities, my Wordpress blog will always be open! Thank you so much for reading up to here. :D 


There's going to be a blog tour in this blog this coming March. After that tour, this blog will not be updated anymore. :D Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


This is a world divided by blood – red or silver.

The Reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers. And to Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, it seems like nothing will ever change.

That is, until she finds herself working in the Silver Palace. Here, surrounded by the people she hates the most, Mare discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy the balance of power.

Fearful of Mare’s potential, the Silvers hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess, now engaged to a Silver prince. Despite knowing that one misstep would mean her death, Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, and bring down the Silver regime.

But this is a world of betrayal and lies, and Mare has entered a dangerous dance – Reds against Silvers, prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

December Wrap-up + 2016 Throwback

Ola peeps!!

How are you all doing? I hope you’ve celebrated your holiday great!

It wasn’t so long ago when I posted my November wrap-up and now we’re already on the December! 2016 is finally over!

You know, peeps, I didn’t quite like the majority of last year. A lot of bad things has happened last year which makes 2016 one of my not so favorite year. It didn’t help that my least favorite number is 16 so… but! There’s also some things good that happened to me and those were the things I will stick inside my head forever.