Saturday, May 20, 2017

Review: Rough

Rough Rough by Sybil Bartel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve read this book right after I finished the book Dangerous Rock and if you bessies have read my review about that book you’ll understand why I like this book almost immediately. Though Dangerous Rock have the same genre, they do not have the same feels. I didn’t feel anything in that book as compare to this one. The first encounter of the main characters already made me love them instantly!

I love just how possessive Jared towards Sienna. Like seriously. I like how alpha Jared is but there are times that he becomes alpha way too much. I don’t like it when he yell or roar to Sienna when he’s mad or pissed or something like that. I practically cringe whenever I read those parts. I think he’s the first alpha male I know where I didn’t love him wholly. Like there are really parts that I don’t like him but I still swoon over him. Is that weird?

And yes I swoon over him. 😛

And there’s Sienna. Haha! This girl! I do not know what to feel about her. There are times that I like her character and there are also times that she’s annoying. But those are just rare times. Most of the times I like her. Haha! She’s a good heroine. A very good sunshine and control to Jared’s dark and uncontrollable personality. She is Jared’s kryptonite. 😀

This book is a fast paced romance book. And I could say that though it’s fast paced, I didn’t felt like it was fast. The book’s timeline is more or less a week but it didn’t felt like the story happened in just a week. It has very good narration and it’s in a first person point of view between Jared and Sienna. It was a good one because it’s easy to understand and picture out. It doesn’t have too much describing paragraph and the conversations where easy to catch on whose talking.

And the ending! Man! What kind of ending was that? Like really? That was the ending?

I honestly don’t think I like the ending. It was abrupt and totally unexpected. Like everything felt like it’s still building and then when I turn to the next page it already said ‘Thank you for reading Rough!’. Like wtf? (I seriously have a bad habit of saying words ‘like’ and ‘seriously’ and both. Lol!) I know there is still more to that ending! I know it! It wasn’t a proper ending, for me that is. I still need to know what happened to Jared and Sienna. I need to know.

To wrap this up, this book is awesome bessies. Really. It has a very interesting story and if you love alpha males then this one is perfect for you. I would highly recommend it. But if you don’t like books with so much cursing and alpha males with sex scenes then stay away from this!

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