Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy

Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy Lord and Master: The Complete Trilogy by Kait Jagger
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Let’s talk about the characters of this trilogy. And let’s go first to our heroine.

Her name is Luna Greggory and she is an amazing P.A of the Marchioness at Arborage. Can I just say that Luna is badass in her own ways? Seriously she is. She’s sometimes called Ice Princess because she can look at you with cold eyes that could freeze even the boiling water! Okay that one sounds exaggerated but sometimes she really is cold. And I like her because she is strong and independent and doesn’t always submit to a man. Sometimes she dominates too. And she’s a natural when it comes to P.A jobs and she’s very professional too.

I can say that in all the erotica books I’ve read, Luna is the strongest woman I know who doesn’t submit immediately to the man and she also wants to take control from time to time.

And now let’s go to the hero.

His name is Stefan Lundgren. Okay. First impression of Stefan is he’s every bit a guy in most of the erotica books I’ve read in the physical department. And maybe a little bit in the personality but just a little bit. Stefan is a gorgeous man, I can say that. But he didn’t came out as an all-out dominant man in this book. I mean, I feel like Stefan is different from other erotic guys I know. He doesn’t have the alpha male issue, like you know, the need to always be the leader of the relationship. And I like him for it. It made him a realistic character that he knows that Luna is his girlfriend and not just his bed-mate or lover. And that he respects her. And I also love him because one of his weakness are baby lambs! It’s so adorable! I don’t know why I find Stefan Lundgren adorable with all his muscles and sex appeals but he is adorable to me especially when he sees baby lambs!

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