Sunday, January 15, 2017

News: I Have Decided

Hiya there peeps!

How are you all doing?

This is just gonna be a short post about a news I want to share with you all whoever is reading this.

I have decided to manage and update one blog from now on. Some of you know I have three active blogs right now, in Wordpress, Wix, and Blogspot. But finally I have decided to not continue the other two and just keep updating the Wordpress blog.

If you must know, I created three blogs from three different sites because I was still starting and exploring the world of book blogging community and I can’t decide which site to stick to. So I decided to keep updating all three until such time that I noticed that only the Wordpress blog has some readers. I mean, maybe there are also readers in those two other blogs but I can’t feel them. No one comments in there so I really don’t know if there is someone who actually visits those blogs.

Just so you know, I don’t have problem updating all three of those blogs. I even update my Goodreads review plus sometimes my Netgalley and my account in My Trending Stories site. I have no problem updating a lot of sites because I love doing those things. I want to be accessible to some of the audience. Like if they have a Wordpress account and want to follow me they can follow my Wordpress blog, or if they have a Blogspot account and want to talk bookish stuff to me about it through blogs they can do it with my Blogspot blog. I want to be accessible so that new friends won’t have a hard time talking to me. But in those months that I stayed active in Wix and Blogspot, I can’t feel any presence there. It’s ghost town for me there.

So I decided to close down my Wix and Blogspot blogs and stick to Wordpress. I am not deleting these two blogs but I am not updating them anymore. Though I still have a tour going on in my Wix blog which will be on February so I will update it to that day only and after that I will repost this blog post so anyone who suddenly got lost and find my Wix blog will know that it’s no longer active.

Also, to those authors who want me to review their books and happen to stumble upon this very blog, you can still send me your request using the contact form in this blog. Just know that I will post my review of your book in my Wordpress blog. I will make sure to let you know if that happens then.

Now, thank you so much to those people who visit these blogs and read the contents of it. I appreciate it so much. If you want to keep tracking my blogging activities, my Wordpress blog will always be open! Thank you so much for reading up to here. :D 


There's going to be a blog tour in this blog this coming March. After that tour, this blog will not be updated anymore. :D Thanks for stopping by.


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